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Parfumuri | Parfum original de damă Lucky White&Blue EDP 30ml - 2115

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Mii de oameni pe străzile din Hong Kong, pentru a 11-a săptămână la rând: `Guvernul ne-a ignorat luni bune. Trebuie să demonstrăm în continuare` (VIDEO)

Mii de profesori s-au alăturat în a 11-a săptămână consecutivă de proteste în Hong Kong, în timp ce magazinele și-au tras obloanele, iar lumea s-a pregătit pentru încă o noapte de vară fără liniște,...

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Sheet Music | Two Heine Songs for soprano voice and piano Piano Accompaniment, Soprano Voice, Soprano and Piano - Early Intermediate - Digital Download Composed by Chris Gordon. Classical Period, Contemporary Classical, Repertoire, Technique Training. 4 pages. Published by Cool Wind Music Digital (S0.221193).

Sheet Music c38510110v78e

Sheet Music su846l67132146

Sheet Music 510z832d16375w22x

Sheet Music m7v4i46479111065

Sheet Music 996t469

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Art Spiegelman: golden age superheroes were shaped by the rise of fascism

Created in New York by Jewish immigrants, the first comic book superheroes were mythic saviours who could combat the Nazi threat. They speak to the dark politics of our times

Back in the benighted 20th century comic books were seen as subliterate trash for kiddies and intellectually challenged adults – badly written, hastily drawn and execrably printed. Martin Goodman, the founder and publisher of what is now known as Marvel Comics, once told Stan Lee that there was no point in trying to make the stories literate or worry about character development: “Just give them a lot of action and don’t use too many words.” It’s a genuine marvel that this formula led to works that were so resonant and vital.

The comic book format can be credited to a printing salesman, Maxwell Gaines, looking for a way to keep newspaper supplement presses rolling in 1933 by reprinting collections of popular newspaper comic strips in a half-tabloid format. As an experiment, he slapped a 10 cents sticker on a handful of the free pamphlets and saw them quickly sell out at a local newsstand. Soon most of the famous funnies were being gathered into comic books by a handful of publishers – and new content was needed at cheap reprint rates. This new material was mostly made up of third-rate imitations of existing newspaper strips, or genre stories echoing adventure, detective, western or jungle pulps. As Marshall McLuhan once pointed out, every medium subsumes the content of the medium that precedes it before it finds its own voice.

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